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Florida Auto Insurance Rates


If you think Florida auto insurance rates are high, you’d be right.  The auto insurance rates in Florida are among the highest in the nation.  No insured drive can escape the continuous rise in costs.  Even if you only carry the very minimum coverage required by Florida state law, you’re going to be affected by these climbing rates.


Why Are Florida Auto Insurance Rates So High?

Insurance carriers throughout the state blame the rise in costs on PIP, or personal injury protection coverage.  The state requires that every policy include a minimum of $10,000 coverage for personal injuries caused by an accident, no matter whose fault it is.  Apparently the PIP claims have ballooned over the years, causing the insurance rates to continually go up.


Professionals in the insurance industry are claiming that fraud has a lot to do with the increase in these PIP claims.  They say staged accidents are on the rise.  Alleged victims of these staged accidents claim injury, go to a medical provider and the provider collects the $10,000 insurance money.  The Tampa area seems to be one of the prime spots, showing a big increase in the number of PIP claims.


Other insurance companies question whether there’s actually an increase in fraud or whether the consumer is just becoming more aware of their options when it comes to filing claims.  It is quite common these days to see advertisements every where by personal injury attorneys encouraging people to seek damages if they’ve been injured in an automobile accident.


How To Find The Best Rates

Your auto insurance rates are based on a lot of different factors.  For instance, your age and your driving history can have an affect on how much you will pay.  Other factors that influence your rates are where you live, city or rural, and the kind of car you own.  These factors can vary widely among the different insurers.  For example, the kind of car you want to insure won’t necessarily be assigned the same rate with every company.


As of September, 2014,  studies by show that Florida auto insurance rates were the highest in Miami and the lowest were in Gainesville.  The average rate for auto insurance was about $996.  With so many companies offering auto insurance, you’ll want to take the time to shop around for quotes.


Arming yourself with comparison rates will help you get the best policy for your situation and your budget. You can easily get the information you need by searching for quotes online.  Most websites will let you search by entering your zip code to get an accurate idea of the rates in your specific area.


Keep in mind that Florida law requires everyone to carry minimum coverage.  Should you let your coverage expire it can result in losing your driving privileges and it will cost you to get those privileges back.  So even if your think Florida auto insurance rates are expensive, the cost of not having insurance or letting your insurance lapse will only cost more in the end.

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Florida Motorcycle Insurance

Surprised to know that Florida doesn’t require motorcycle insurance?  Most people are.  Ready to jump on your bike and feel the wind in your face?  You might want to take a step back and look at other things that might be involved.  There seems to be a lot of confusion, even controversy on the issue of motorcycle insurance in the state.  Even though Florida motorcycle insurance isn’t something you have to have to register your bike, there’s more you should know.


You Must Show Financial Responsibility

The state of Florida has something called the Financial Responsibility Law.  This means that if you decide not to get insurance you must still be financially responsible for any damages or injuries from an accident.  Again, you do not have to show proof of this when you register your motorcycle. But if you’re involved in an accident and you have no means to pay for injuries,  you could find yourself in some pretty nasty trouble.


In many cases, failure to keep the proper levels of financial responsibility can end up with you losing your driver’s license, suspension of your registration and costly fees to reinstate both.  You may also be required to prove to the state that you are carrying insurance for up to three years after a violation or involvement in an accident.


Benefits Outweigh The Cost of Florida Motorcycle Insurance

When you consider what you could be in for if you don’t carry motorcycle insurance, you might be smarter to just get insured.  What if you find yourself the cause of an accident and you can’t pay the other person’s damages?  What if you crash your bike and don’t have the money to get it fixed?  What if  your bike gets stolen?  All of these are important reasons to consider just getting the insurance, even though it’s not required.


There are a lot of things that can help get your motorcycle insurances costs lower.  Things like a safe driving record helps you get lower rates, as does the age and type of bike.  Whether you use your motorcycle as your main mode of transportation or just a little pleasure riding from time to time can also affect your rate.  If you have an anti-theft device, even where you store your bike can make a difference in the costs of your insurance.


Choosing The Right Insurance

If you decide that it makes good sense to get insurance for your motorcycle, you can shop around online at a website to compare rates from several different companies.  Florida motorcycle insurance premiums are usually higher than other areas of the country.  This is partly due to the fact that there’s no off season for motorcycles in the state.


You may choose to just have liability coverage to cover just what the name implies, your liability for injuries to others or damage to their property.  It will not cover damage to your bike or your own injuries. Of course, as with any vehicle insurance, you can add additional coverage to your policy depending on what you feel you need and can afford.    Take the time to comparison shop and find the best policy.